January 1st is My MVP Anniversary!

Most spend their New Years Day Holiday celebrating with their loved ones and enjoying the time away from the daily grind. I however, spent my New Years morning anxious and hopeful that I would receive the message from the Microsoft MVP Team that I had been chosen and awarded into the program! F5…..F5…..F5……No email – My patient wife thinks who is very supportive just looks at me like I’m crazy. Then all of a sudden a huge scream, “YES!!!!!” rips through the house!!! Finally, the email came! It was just after 10:15AM EST and the instant gratification that all of the hard work, dedication and effort that I have placed into the Microsoft Community has paid off!

Microsoft MVP!!!!!!

2016 Cloud and Datacenter MVP!!!!

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are community leaders who’ve demonstrated an exemplary commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft technologies. They share their exceptional passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.

The MVP Program definitely has it’s benefits which include NDA access to upcoming products, features and behind the scenes action within Microsoft. MVP status also gets you a complimentary Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN Subscription. Also included in the benefits category is the MVP Award Package and access to the annual MVP Summit that’s held annually, usually in November in Redmond, WA.

I’m super pumped, super excited and blessed to have the opportunity be a part of the MVP Program. More importantly it’s a great feeling knowing that all of the MVP’s from around the globe are out to help the community and spread our knowledge!

A huge congratulations and THANK YOU goes out to all of my other fellow MVP’s!

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