CDub and El Rickatron Crash Atlantic Security Conference

So I will openly admit that IT Security is really not my strong point. In fact as a Virtualization Admin I hated IT Security…all they tried to do was make my life miserable. Just as times change, opinions can change.

Last week Rick Vanover and I had the unique opportunity to visit with Travis Barlow, Andrew Kozma and the rest of the crew that manage to run and operate the LARGEST IT event in the Canadian Mari-times: Atlantic Security Conference. AtlSecCon has been running for quite a few years and as Rick and I sat with Travis and Andrew we quickly found out that they have built the conference from, in 2011, a 40 person and single projector “get-together” into over 500 attendees from all around North America in 2016. In 2017 you should expect well over 750 attendees!

While at the conference Rick and I presented on: Security Practices and Data Protection: Tips to Avoid a Backdoor. Securing the main environment is a vital piece to maintaining a compliant infrastructure, but what about the secondary data? What about backups? What about Replicas? How do I secure the data I am shipping off-premises? Which privileged accounts have access to my backup data? These are the questions that the audience was posed with leaving them with a different take on Security in the “Always on Enterpise.”

If IT Security is your thing or maybe you’re looking to further the horizon, I strongly encourage that you check out the Atlantic Security Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Oh and the speaker dinner and after conference party are pretty kick a$$ to.

Cheers! Clint


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