Time to Geek Out – Tech Field Day Veeam Style

Well hey there! CDub here…first off my apologies for having gone dark for the better part of a month.

So with that, lets get after the business at hand – Tech Field Day 13.

(Q) What is Tech Field Day?

  • (A) You know, thats a great question you ask, random blog reader 🙂 – Tech Field Day is an independent IT Event by the fine folks over at Gestalt IT – namely Stephen Foskett, Tom Hollingsworth, Claire Chaplais and Megan Robinette. The event brings together technology vendors and independent IT thought leaders and provides the opportunity to share product details, information in an open discussion style format.
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Last July at Cisco Live 2016 in Vegas I presented at a Tech Field Day Extra and I must say it was really awesome experience! I’m really looking forward to this week’s #TFD13 in Austin. Be sure to check out the the Delegates and give them all a follow on Twitter


I have the fantastic opportunity to present with my colleagues Rick Vanover – Director Technical Product Marketing and Evangelism and Captain Jeff Crum – Director – Product Marketing.

We’re presenting at 3:30 – 5:30 PM CDT at the Solarwinds Office in Austin

The main topics that we’re presenting on are:

  • Veeam Availability Platform
  • Veeam Agents
  • Veeam Availability Console

Be sure to tune in LIVE, this is definitely something you’ll NOT want to miss!

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