Joining Datrium as Senior Solutions Engineer!

Today I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the brilliant team at Datrium (@Datrium) as a Senior Solutions Engineer working under Andre Leibovici and Mike McLaughlin in the Solutions Engineering team. I’m completely honored and excited to have the opportunity to work with the innovative minds at Datrium and be a part of the magic being built.

Throughout my professional career I have been very fortunate to have worked in great organizations, with great people. For the majority of my career I have been both a customer and an employee of Veeam Software. Most recently I was a part of the Product Strategy and Technical Product Marketing team at Veeam. It has been a blessing to have been a part of the innovation and have had a hand in making Veeam what it is today. I will forever cherish the friendships that I’ve made and the opportunities in which I have been provided.

If you’re new to Datrium, most recently they’ve been featured in the CRN 2017 list of emerging vendors in the Storage category. Datrium offers a different take on the modern convergence we’ve become accustomed to. The Open Converged Datrium DVX platform has been built from the ground up to provide applications with the benefits of both converged and hyperconveged but without many of the nuances you’ve become familiar with.

At a high-level, what makes Datrium different? First off, all VM and IO processing on the Datrium Compute Nodes (hypervisor) is served locally via flash and is split from the persistent data which resides on the Datrium Data Nodes. This decoupled architecture eliminates all east-west traffic between compute nodes so there is never a noisy neighbor problem or network overhead. As I mentioned, the Compute Nodes maintain all VM data locally, globally deduped in flash (SSD or NVMe) for extremely-low latency performance. Customers can also utilize their own, existing hardware and licensing or purchase Compute Nodes directly from Datrium (OEM) – removing any type of hardware lock-in. This fundamental design allows you to scale compute and storage independent of the other.

The Datrium Data Nodes maintain all persistent copies of all data, which is always compressed, globally deduplicated, erasure coded with double fault-tolerance and encrypted.

After the New Year, there will be tons to share, so stay tuned – until then I wish everyone a very happy holiday season!

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