AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam Prep – S3 Versioning

Chapter 1 – AWS Overview
Chapter 2 – IAM
Chapter 3 – S3
Chapter 4 – S3 Versioning
Chapter 5 – S3 Cross Region Replication
Chapter 6 – S3 Life-Cycle Management
Chapter 7 – Amazon CloudFront
Chapter 8 – Amazon Storage Gateway


Chapter 4 of this blog post series will be all about Amazon’s object-based storage service, S3 versioning feature.


Versioning is a property of the S3 bucket.

Once versioning is enabled, it cannot be disabled – only suspended.

Multiple copies of files in S3 bucket – individual files. Every single version of the object will be kept.

So large files that change frequently, can drive the cost of your S3 bucket.

Large files prone to change versioning is not ideal.

View versions of files through the properties or by clicking “Show” under versions

When you update a file and upload, you will have multiple versions of the file.

You can restore to a previous version of a file by deleting the current version

“Delete Marker” under Version ID – Right click, delete and when you delete the delete marker

MFA delete can be enabled.

  • Change the versioning state of your bucket
  • Permanently delete an object version
  • Versioning stores all versions of an object – including all writes and even if you delete an object
  • Great backup tool
  • Integrates with the S3 Lifecycle rules
  • Versioning Multi-Factor delete capability – will use MFA – can be used as an additional layer of security. (THIS QUESTION WILL BE ON THE EXAM)

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