Constant Incremental Improvement: My Next BIG Thing!

Happy Monday friends! Throughout my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work with and receive mentorship from many awesome folks, many of which I’m still very close with today. Scott Lillis, my VP when I was an SE at Veeam, always preached a particular value which has stuck with me daily and it is a mantra by which I live my life by.

“Constant incremental improvement”

This mantra drives many of my life decisions and this important employment decision was no different. As I searched and talked with many different companies I was looking for something different yet similar to what I’ve already been doing in my career. The next big thing for me needed to be a challenge, push me out of my normal comfort zone and allow me the opportunity to utilize all of my skills in new and exciting ways.


Today I am excited to announce that I am joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Senior Cloud Technical Account Manager working out of the Tempe, Arizona Office. In the spirit of constant incremental improvement, as an AWS TAM, I’ll be working intimately with customers as they embark on their AWS journey. This role will allow me to play a critical part in ensuring a positive and successful AWS experience for my customers. AWS will be an extreme challenge, daily – constantly learning new technologies and solutions while being customer obsessed. I feel that my unique background, having worked as an end-user in a Fortune 500 organization to being a pre-Sales Engineer, to have traveled the globe meeting with customers and partners to recently working at a startup and being involved in many different aspects of the technology and business stack will serve me well. To say I’m excited about this adventure would be a huge understatement.

As I get ramped up over the course of the coming weeks and months I’ll be sharing lots of AWS knowledge! Stay tuned and stay well friends.

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